Tank Cleaning Service


The TCU (view of equipment)


The Soil Recovery A/S tank cleaning unit (TCU) is developed to meet the HSE requirements on minimizing the entry on confined spaces as well as reduced waste generation on board mobile drilling rigs, platforms and supply vessel. In addition to this the TCU reduces manpower as well as down time during operation.  

The TCU is developed to meet offshore and onshore applications.  

The TCU contains all necessary equipment to perform the tank cleaning job:

  • Portable and automatic tank cleaning system
  • High pressure pump and hose reel for fresh wash water
  • Mud cleaning dosage system
  • Portable submersible pump
  • High pressure water gun cleaning unit (hot water unit optional on land based units)
  • Hydraulic power pack for submersible pump and hose reels
  • Air compressor for RPE
  • Power generator (optional)
  • Hand tools, Personal Protection Equipment (PPE)
  • Storage tank for fresh or recycled wash water (optional)

 The portable and automatic cleaning machine is arranged on a flexible hose with embedded wires for electrostatic deviation to earth. Fresh or recycled wash water is used as cleaning fluid, and is pumped from the storage tank (and/or connection to city water) to the rotary jet head of the cleaning machine. The flow of the cleaning fluid makes the nozzles perform a geared rotation around the vertical and horizontal axis. In the first cycle, the nozzles lay out a coarse pattern on the tank surface. The following cycles make the pattern gradually denser until a full pattern is reached after 4 cycles.  

The cleaning time to reach a full pattern varies from 10 20 minutes depending on the inlet pressure and the size of the nozzles being used. 

The offloading pump on the vessel/rig is used to offload the tank during the cleaning process.

The portable submersible pump is a vertical screw pump which is able to pump a wide range of fluids from water to extremely viscous oil even with some trash content. Recycling of wash water is possible if the size of the particles do not exceed 2-3 mm. The offloading pump or the submersible pump is then used to pump the water through the cleaning machine.  

By deploying the TCU the cleaning of mud tanks to brine standard will reduce the entry on confined space by 50 to 75 % and reduce the down time by 30 to 40 %.         



Equipment at quay side and Viking Dynamic  


Cleaning machine

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