Skip turner P104-000


General description 

The skip turner from Soil Recovery A/S is designed to empty cuttings skips, series P102 (also manufactured by Soil Recovery A/S). The skip turner can also be modified for other types of offshore containers. Please contact Soil Recovery A/S to see if your type of skips will fit in to our P104 system.

The skip turner requires a forklift or a crane with a minimum capacity of 10.000 kg. A catwalk can be mounted around the skip turner for easy access to clean the skips.

To improve the emptying of the skips, a vibrator is mounted on the “bed”, the vibrator starts automatically when the turning bed is rotated 180°. The time interval for vibration function can be adjusted.

The skip turner is operated through a wire remote control or a radio remote control. The rotating and vibration function requires a signal from the clamping claws before they can be operated. Until the claws have an optimum hold on the skip bottom frame these functions cannot be activated.  

The skip turner can be mounted above a single storage pit, or on a double crane girder to make it able to operate on top of all storage pits. This is an advantage when client’s materials have to be segregated through the whole treatment process.

Experience through operation had shown us that a skip can be emptied and washed within 15 min.


Operation of the skip turner 

Open the doors on top of the skip and fix the lifting slings on the side rails. Place the skip in the turning bed with a forklift. Activate the claws via remote control to clamp the skip. The claws are covered with nylon plates to protect the bottom frame of the skip. When the claws have a proper hold on the bottom frame, drive the skip turner to the dump area/storage area and rotate the skip through 180°. Once it has rotated through 180° the vibration motor will start automatically. Rotate the turning bed approximately 90° back (the actuators have load retaining valves) to clean the skip inside and outside with a pressure washer.  Finally turn the skip back to 0°, drive the skip turner back to its loading/unloading point, release the clamps and remove the skip. 


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